Below are some of the testimonials that we received over the years. We encourage all our students and users to give us their feedback on our products so that we know what works and what needs improvement. We have been continuously updating our Amharic tutorial products based on these inputs since 1996. Thank you very much for the support.

A letter from Kidmia "... Thank you for sending the Reading and Writing book. I apologize for not contacting you sooner about this resource, but I have been traveling much of the month. The book...Read more

Segi D.

Kidmia Board of Directors

Selam This is just to let you know both my 8 year old and 11 year old are enjoying your Amharic program, book and DVD. They have shown so much progress in such a short time. Thank...Read more

Abeba M

Dubai, UAE

I was first introduced to Amharic by Ethiopian friends. The hardest part of getting started was finding a good book to learn the basics of conversation. There were several books available but they...Read more

H. Brown

Yeadon, PA, USA

Dear Kokeb, I am glad that I got to meet you and your brother at the African Culture Fair last month. I tried the program that I bought from you and it is great. You guys did a hell of a job. I'm...Read more

James D.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dear Shining Star, Thank you for this wonderful language series. I have been trying to learn Amharic little by little for the past two years now. I have spent a lot of money on books, dictionaries,...Read more

G. Davis

London, England

Dear Kokeb Tefera, Thank you for your quick response. I am really enjoying your Amharic 101 and 102 program. I am specially having a lot of fun with the games and quiz. The games specially made it...Read more

Anthony B.

New York, New York, USA

Dear Shining Star Multimedia, I received Amharic The EZ Way about a month ago. It is a great program and I found it very helpful in my Amharic studies. I thought Amharic was going to be impossible...Read more

Katherine M.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Selam Ato. Kokeb, I just received the Amharic program [referring to Amharic The EZ Way]. It is a great program and I know I am going to learn enough Amharic for my upcoming trip. I have been...Read more

Dawit B.

Frankfurt, Germany

Thank you sincerely for your cordial customer service! 🙂 Your prompt cordial response and consideration has been one of the best yet in my prior experiences with companies via the internet! My wife...Read more

Paul C.

(Email message)

To Whom It May Concern, I'm writing this letter to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Amharic language programs. I bought Amharic 101, 102, and 103 a year ago. I am American and my wife is...Read more

Shawn. D.

San Diego, CA, USA

Selam Kokeb Endemen alehe [How are you -Amharic]. Ene dehna nenge [I am fine -Amharic]. Not bad huh? Thank you for the rapid shipment of my Amharic 101. I have been using it for a month and a half....Read more

David L.

Atlanta, GA, USA

Dear Kokeb, I hope that you get to read this letter in person. I am writing to express my gratitude and also to congratulate you on a job well done. I love your program and most of all it worked. I...Read more

Veronica K.

(Email message)

Dear Sir or Madam: I am a first generation Ethiopian born and raised in England. I have been trying to learn Amharic for the last ten years using *** [text book -sorry, we cannot divulge the titles...Read more

Alem G.

London, England


I am contacting you concerning my order below (Amharic 101,102, 103 and 104 pakket on CD) which I received in may 2015. I already started the courses and I am SO happy with it, and finally feel I am...Read more

Elias G.

Bilthoven, Netherlands

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