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Dear Sir or Madam:
I am a first generation Ethiopian born and raised in England. I have been trying to learn Amharic for the last ten years using *** [text book -sorry, we cannot divulge the titles for legal reasons] and *** [another text book with cassette]. Needless to say, they both failed me. It was boring and confusing to say the least. I was very skeptical about your product when I run into your website last December because of my negative experience. The price was cheaper than either books and I liked your web site. So I ordered the first CD [Amharic 101] and gave it a shot.
That was almost 6 months ago. I mastered Amharic 101 and I’m almost done with Amharic 102. I want to tell you that you did an excellent job. It is an excellent presentation over all. The Group and Family idea was a nice touch and great approach. I’m surprised that no other author ever thought of that. It made the memorization very simple. I specially liked the different approaches that you used in the second and third lesson. I also liked the idea of an interactive quiz. It is a great program and worth every penny.
I want to thank you for the effort and dedication to preserve our language and culture. There are many Ethiopians all over the world that were born outside of their country and don’t know their language. This is the best program that I’ve seen so far that will enable them to learn Amharic. I cannot express the shame and feeling that I had to endure when I went to visit Ethiopia few years ago. I was so ashamed that I could not talk to my own grandmother and cousins who did not speak any English. It was such a huge barrier that I had to cut my visit short. That is why I am so trilled with your program. I had to write this letter and say than you to all my brothers and sisters at Shining Star Multimedia. Amesegnalehu [Thank you -Amharic].

Alem G. London, England

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