Amharic Complete Package Deal

I was first introduced to Amharic by Ethiopian friends. The hardest part of getting started was finding a good book to learn the basics of conversation. There were several books available but they were very formal and provided dialog that the average Amharic conversation doesn’t include. When I came across your website I was curious about how helpful this software would be. I saw the Amharic product demos and said, “Let me try Amharic 104 since it includes story reading”. These Amharic products are great for getting you started. They take you from the basics right into intermediate. Over time I purchased “Amharic 103, 102, 101, Amharic the EZ Way ” and finally “How to read and write in Amharic”. This software will have you going so fast that when you meet Amharic speaking people, they can’t believe you have never been to Ethiopia . The games and quizzes are great for productive learning. I now recommend this software to all my American friends who are learning Amharic. I will surely keep my eye on this website for any new Amharic products.

H. Brown

H. Brown Yeadon, PA, USA

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