Amharic The EZ Way Membership

1. Amharic The EZ Way

2. Audio CD (Four Volumes)

3. Writing & Reading Amharic

We now offer a membership option that provides you access to Amharic The EZ Way program from any device that has internet access. You will be able to learn Amharic on your PC/Mac computer, I-Pad/Android tablet, or smart phone from anywhere in the world.

The cost of membership is only $9.99 (USD) per month when you sign up for one year.  You get more with membership compared to purchasing digital or packaged product. You will have access to Amharic The EZ Way, Audio CD (download), and Writing & Reading E-Book.

Amharic The EZ Way

Amharic The EZ Way will teach you over two thousand important and often used Amharic phrases and words.  It is a very simple and straight to the point program. You will learn correct pronunciation of Amharic words and sentences by listening to actual native speakers. You can skip to chapters that interests you the most so you can customize your learning experience.

You will start conversating in Amharic in a very short time. It also has games and quizzes to test and reinforce what you have learned. You will be graded on the quizzes so you can track your improvement.

Here is a highlight of the topics covered in Amharic The EZ Way:

This program will teach over two thousand important and often used phrases. You will know what to say in Amharic when you are at the airport, hotel, bank, hospital, restaurant or when you are out on the town, when meeting people, in stores when shopping, on the phone, or any where you happen to go.

Here are some examples …

ez_social      ez_eating       ez_vocabulary    ez_hotel       ez_outontown      ez_personal


We will also learn some basic grammar such as:  verbs, subject, direct/indirect objects, adverbs, adjectives prepositions, conjunctions, possessive form …

Learn the Amharic alphabet using direct audio clips. 

Once you learn a phrase, you can record yourself by clicking on the ‘Record’ button and compare your accent or pronunciation to a native Amharic speaker.

Last but not least, there are quizzes that will test your skill before you move on to the next level. There are multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill in the blank type quizzes. You will be graded at the end of each quiz. A certificate with your grade can be printed out so that you can keep track of your improvement.


There are fun and simple games that are based on the lessons found in this program. This will help reinforce all that we have learned. You will be timed and scored on your performance so that you can continuously challenge yourself to do better. This is a proven and fun way of learning any foreign language.

flash-cardsmatchingjepordy corrgenderPyramidHANGMAN

Amharic The EZ Way Audio CD:box for amharic ez way audio cd

There are over a thousand important and often used Amharic-English phrases and words that are strategically grouped to mirror the Amharic The EZ Way program. Almost all the words and phrases that are in the program are also in these audio files.

These audio clips are intended to teach you Amharic when you are away from your computer. You can listed to them online or download them to any MP3 player. This can be your smart phone, tablet (iPad/Android) or even place them on a USB flash drive to listen in your car.


Writing & Reading Amharic E-Bookwriting_reading

This is a one of a kind e-Book that teaches the beautiful art of Amharic writing. You can easily flip through this e-Book online with your smart device (including PC/Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablet), or you can download it as PDF (or store in your iPad e-book library). Or you can print out the entire book, or just the pages that you need for practice.

  • Learn the correct Pronunciation of the Amharic alphabet using two different methods
  • Learn how to write in Amharic using simple guides
  • Learn new vocabulary words

writing_pageHere is a short explanation of how this book is arranged. To the left, we have a page torn out of the book. The left page of each page looks similar to this. On the right side of the page, you get to practice writing out the alphabets. If you run out of space, you can order refill pages from our safe and secure web site(that will simply snap in). The page to the left means the following:

  1. Typed or printed

  2. Pronunciation guide which is described in detail with examples on Page 3

  3. Handwritten Amharic. Used as an example to improve your penmanship. Remember that this is only one person’s way of writing

  4. Commentary notes by the authors

  5. Writing guide. The pen indicates where to start, and what motion to follow without raising your pen/pencil from the paper

  6. Words that include the alphabet that you are studying. This will help you learn new Amharic words.

  7. Another way of learning the correct pronunciation of each Amharic alphabet

We are currently working on adding other features where students can come together and practice Amharic such as:

  • Forums
  • Groups
  • and more.

We are continuously updating our Amharic tutorial portfolio by adding new lessons, games, quizzes and other features.

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