Comprehensive Amharic (Amharic 101-104)

The Comprehensive Teaching Method, which includes Amharic 101, 102, 103, and 104, is developed to teach you the Amharic language from the ground up. This program series assumes no prior knowledge of Amharic and it is suitable for all level of students.

If your goal is to learn Amharic in great detail, then the Amharic 101-104 are the right programs for you. This set will teach you: Amharic alphabets, Reading in Amharic, Writing in Amharic, Expand your vocabulary base, Grammar, Simple and complex sentence formation (forming sentence in the present, past and future tense), Forming questions, Positive and negative expressions and affirmative/negative sentences.

There are other supporting material such as Writing & Reading Amharic book, Alphabet Flash Cards, and Alphabet Poster that will aid in mastering the language. Please view each program to get detailed description of the content.

Below is a simplified graphics that illustrates the topics that are covered in each program.


Amharic 101-104 (Individual or Stand-Alone Programs)
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