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Amharic.com provides Amharic language tutorial programs, software, audio CDs, books and DVD that will help you learn the Amharic language. Our goal is simple ... to teach the Amharic language to everyone regardless of their background, age, ethnicity or location... and we have been doing this successfully since 1996. 

We are the first company to provide computer based Amharic tutorial programs to the world. What is Amharic? Amharic (አማርኛ Amarəña) is a sematic language that is spoken mainly in Ethiopia. Though there are many dialects that are spoken throughout Ethiopia (including Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromiffa/Affan Oromo, etc.), Amharic is the most popular and widely used. Amharic is also the working language of the Ethiopian government and it is used nationwide. Click here for more information on Amharic.

We provide online subscription as well as stand-alone downloadable programs, audio CDs and books that will teach you how to read, write and speak in Amharic. You can purchase these programs as a package or one volume at a time. Please enter our site and view the different options we provide ... we have something for everybody.